Add: 17 Furong Road Hu dai Town,
Wuxi City
PC: 214161
Tel: 0510-8559988 885596730
Fax: 0510-85599888

Wuxi Jinhong Mold Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in providing support for the metallurgy of steel casting business services, it has professional R & D and production of various models of crystal assembly, mold brass, copper, and various slab mold Specifications bipyramid degree taper and a variety of multi-shaped copper mold, it also produces a variety of metallurgical casting spare parts such as: the first dummy, dummy bar, dummy caps, spray pipe, foot roller stand, mold and other water jacket and so on.
The company is located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta - the Lake District, Wuxi Tai Hu Industrial Park, easily accessible, fully furnished, It has a unique location and technological advantages. The company has fixed assets of 20 million, more than 60 employees, including 20

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